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Just a few notes as my days go by and how I reflect on the elements, 

events and occurrences which confront my overly-analytical mind.


Jan 21st, 2011

Watching a little melodrama the other day on the tube, and the case scenario was a gent that, while standing at a subway depot with his 10 year old daughter, proceeded to jump down onto the tracks to save a young woman who had passed out and fallen from above into the dangerous path of an oncoming train.

After the event, the first act in what would have been expected to be a flowering of love and pride from his "loving wife” was to cut and hurtfully unleash a flow of derogatory remarks of chastisement for executing such an ignorant act under the very eyes of her daughter. "What of us?", she declared, "How would we have gotten by or hat would we have had to do if you were killed in such a stupid act or heroism?". Without a word of concern, without diligence and restraint, she informed him of the fact that he lacked the ability to make common sense decisions for their family with its wellbeing in mind, and doubted his skills in parenthood.

I wondered if she ever realized that his one act, called bravery by many, would most likely not be repeated any time in the near "or" distant future unless he opted to pick the low-paying employment position of being the local subway hero for a life-time job.

However, she herself might have taken the time to ponder just how difficult it would be to "cure" her own ailment and "disease" in that, she showed  obvious lack of intelligence to handle dilemmas with any skill, her over reaction with little concern for anything else other than expressing her vehement will over others, pounding out a pseudo-front of being the all-caring mother of her children and expounding her opinions with rash-lash of her tongue, would most likely be near impossible if not all-encompassing  self-consuming just as it had been most of her waking moments before and remaining, a life-long daily job.


That's one of the larger problems in family life as it has developed through the changes encountered along the way as we progressed in women's rights and such through the 1800's and 1900's.

A woman may dream of finding a "man" in her life, but without realizing that a "man" would  wish to hopefully find a "real woman" in his life someday too. 

The mistake being made by so many "ladies" if I may use the term loosely, is that they classify themselves as a woman in the first place. In the same note of distinction that we can make in that, being a "male" of a species doesn't necessarily classify one as what many would proudly call a man, so to is it the case in being a " true woman".

Just because they are born of the "female" gender does NOT sign them into the annals of pride and honor depicted by a true woman.  So many "women" grow up in our society being trained from school days onward, that its okay for them to not "really" grow up (since they are girls), being free to over emotionalize any issue they deem fit to handle inappropriately, whenever they so deem that they wish too, free to run off at the mouth and even treat others with a soap-opera mentality, free to carry immaturity into their adult years without compromise. Sound harsh? Well, yes it is and so, many "females" today have been brought up to believe such behavior is permissible, or at least without warranted retribution for redemption due to poor behavior.

As guys, we have to admit that it was far more likely that we as boys would stand a far greater chance of being knocked upside the head by our dad's for being smart mouthed than would our sisters. They got away with murder of course, and that grows up with them. By the time girls are in school, they have already begun to develop their mentality, and by the time high school hits, we as male teenagers were getting use to taking a shot to the jaw and paying our dues when it came to getting hit for running our mouths off at fellow students, either getting our butts whipped or having to whip some butt to survive. All the time, girls were slinging as much verbal trash as their "jaw batteries" would allow as a norm in life. By the time high school hit, the vicious verbal attacks and cat hissing were daily events and by the time work came into the picture, females were totally geared up to continue their existence in the world.

Being a :female" no more makes one able to claim the distinction of being called a "woman" anymore than being a negative example of a "male" in our society gives one the right to be awarded the distinction of being known as a "Man".

Some may insist still yet and call themselves a woman if they wish to impose their immature will again upon others, but shouldn't make the mistake of being lame-brained enough to think that they could sit and enjoy a cup of tea with Rebecca Boone, a truer version of a truer woman . just because they got boobs and a butt, without her slamming the mug upside their head for being a flitty-brained yackity-mouthed female!