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edited May 2010:

For the two million people who had their unemployment compensation extension revoked by the Republican Party’s filibuster stubbornness forcing the Democratic strong Congress to make concessions they didn’t want to, and that were simply BAD decisions which had to be made for the Nation and the American Public…

You have two choices…

You can either join the ranks of that “ship of fools” that merely wishes to gripe and complain and whine about how this administration has failed us, or…
You can define the problems of this Nation with clarity and put the blame where it lays, or rather, lies is a far better choice for a descriptive word for what the Republican Party gives to the people..

It was through their direct pressure that the unemployment extension failed, which would have affected the lives of more than two million Americans. The Republican Party also sought to steal money from the needy in the form of cutbacks to food benefits, food! Food, for not only the needy but for the elderly, and the diabled, who need every penny and dime they can muster to maintain any semblance of a respectful, independant life. 

Those two million Americans need to join the group of truer citizens present across our country and support President Obama as he strives to direct our Nation upon a road of growth and reform. They need to gather their accumulative power of two million strong and force themselves to vote towards a better America, force themselves to register, and force themselves to not stand idly by or sit comfortably in their recliners when their chance to make a difference for a better America comes along in three years.

President Obama can only start the path of discretion and courage, yet cannot affect the changes we need in a mere few short years of a one term presidency. He will not make decisions that are ALWAYS right, nor is he perfect. He will not solve all of our country’s problems, install world peace, cure all diseases and open the Pearly Gates for devoted or sinner alike.

He ‘will’ however open the doors and plant the seeds to where we can grow a better America rather than obey the whims of a country influenced strongly by a Republican Party that sways in the breeze to the rich and corporative controls that be, and which obviously considers the citizens and lower classes as chattel. Their constituent’s apologies to oil giant BP for the 20 billion dollar escrow account of accountability for the Gulf Oil Disaster, was not withdrawn because it was a mistake to give BP their support. It was a mistake for him to openly declare to the public that the Republican Party as a whole, has their greedy proboscis in the financial deep pockets of the wealthy and rich powers that try to rule the people below them, all in the name of the almighty dollar. 

Hidden behind the walls in the shadows is the always present bias of their party to serve the powers and not the people. This is once again evident when they pressured the Democrats to steal this money away from you two million “willing to be” hard working citizens that can’t work because greedy banking institutions had the legal leniency provided by similar Republican influence in our legislative branches, that gave the financial corporations the means to copulate the erroneous practices that caused the financial meltdown in the first place, that created the Great Recession which cost you your jobs.

Republicans kill Senate jobless aid measure

"The bill had long been considered a must-pass measure, but the political sands had shifted since it was first passed in March. That vote came in the wake after Jim Bunning, Republican-Kentucky., blocked a short-term extension of jobless aid.
 Most of the measure — except for a six-month extension of jobless benefits for people who have been out of work for more than six months — was financed with offsetting tax increases or spending cuts. Congress has always approved additional unemployment benefits as a deficit-financed emergency measure.

 Democratic leaders said they bent over backwards to accommodate demands by Republicans for a smaller measure. Among the cuts revealed Wednesday was a more than $10 billion cut from last year's stimulus bill, mostly by paring back food stamp benefits by about $11 a month per beneficiary. 

 "They asked to have it reduced, we did it," Senator Patty Murray - Democrat-for Washington said . 


For the Republican Party to simply stall Congress merely to prevent any win or action to succeed under a Democratically lead administration, even if those actions are for the good of the Nation, is far more destructive to our country from a source within our very borders and boundaries than any enemy terroristic force overseas.
If you are not willing to put the blame in the laps of those who would treat you so ignorantly, then go ahead and join the ranks of the ship of fools and disallow President Obama the time to help mold our laws and practices to create a better America. Then you can join the parallel ranks of those who merely sit and complain but aren’t willing to open their eyes and help recast their country into a Nation once again, for the people and by the people in an age where the people have little control other than what they can muster, or be fooled into believing that they have  as they are herded along as the common livestock that they are. 

Take away the capability of a president that genuinely, sincerely concerns himself with what is best for the Nation and the People, is willing to fight and forge the country even if unwanted concessions must be made, who endeavors to better our Nation even though the Health Care Reform bill may easily have cost him re-election simply because the people needed it and as he admitted, “If I don’t do it now, it will never get done”. Face it, we never like being told what to do, nor do we often like having to do what we NEED to do to be smart and prepared. No one LIKES putting a new roof on in the heat of the sun, yet they do thoroughly enjoy sitting in a nice comfortable dry home.

Go ahead, give up your vote, give up your right to make a difference, give up your life to the rulers that smile and promise, but steal and misappropriate and misguide our Nation into oblivion, except for themselves and their families and their own lives.
Go ahead, and just give up. 

Wait, do nothing, and see what a Republican lead administration does for you next cycle.