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“It’s only by we ourselves forgiving others 

that we ourselves can be forgiven".

That may be sensible and have  allot more substantial meaning 

to someone who is more devout than I myself am in the Christian 

faith. Yet I have to admit that it’s mere word of worth as far as the 

inner workings of the human psych and how our brains and 

personalities compromise our guilt is of a major note of importance 

and metal curvature of how we react to life. We can willingly 

choose to be vindictive and judgmental and thus our lives 

will naturally be filled with vindictiveness and prejudiced soap

 operas. We can strive to forgive others, their wrongs perpetrated 

upon us when we can find it possible, and without foolish pride 

using that as self redemption and glorification, we "may" find 

that we can have a lighter judgmental harshness on 

ourselves as we note our sins in later days.

It brings to mind that as we go through our lives, we often forget 

the importance of using principles and guidance in our daily activities. 

As I have crawled so speedingly, creepingly toward my older years,

 I’ve come to realize the importance of taking special note of little sayings

 as this one, that seem to seep pertinent words of wit into the ingredients 

that make small bits and pieces of sense and purpose in my life. I guess 

as we get older and the end days of our existence on earth becomes more 

of a reality, we tend to grasp the little stuff like this with more meaning.

Why we do this I'm not sure other than simplifying things by 

nature are we able to better comprehend their altruistic meaning 

for a more useful purpose. My mother, a devout Jehovah’s Witness, 

never failed to grasp the word of her religion and somehow make a 

monstrosity out of it, abusing inner self-disciplines and executing their 

meanings in an all knowing god like way. It was as if she and her 

inner cache and class within the denomination held secretive truths 

to the one and only path towards God himself. Though in denial, 

she executed that religion as if God Himself had seemingly bequeathed 

and deemed to her the right to hold those teaching over one and all alike, 

over my father and siblings, like some sharp two edge sword. 

She told me once when speaking of my recently departed father at the time, 

that he had grown closer to her “church” and had himself accepted 

their teachings in his later-days of life. I knew  within my inner 

being that he had probably and most likely merely succumbed to her 

astute mental will and most likely had claimedefeat just in order to 

have at least a small amount of peace left in his life. Yet I pondered 

if maybe he “had” in some way relinquished and surrendered merely 

because he knew his final days were imminent somewhere down the road, 

and wished to maybe find some resolve and forgiveness for certain deeds 

or inner misgivings which weighed heavily on his heart.

With such reasoning used for the moment and as I mentioned before, we all 

need those little sayings to make ourselves feel more at peace
with what we had chosen to have purposed upon others in our past.

Why we don’t grasp that handle of a more mellow and compassionate 

life rather than returning the insults and inappropriate nature of others with 

the same in similar reaction, I am not sure. We seem so committed to 

insisting we are always right in what we do, as we scream down life’s road, and proudly carve out our paths with a heavy axe even with the lack of wisdoms and knowledge we can’t help but admit we failed to use during those days. 

I suppose if we had possessed the memories of our wrongs to others 

way back then as we walked along with a bit more fervor, merely 

in the way we treated others in life, we would have listened to those 

sayings more intently. No one will be able to call out "I'll pass" when 

our own time comes to travel on to other supposed plains of existence, 

or if our belief then merely enjoy the promise of a long needed, forever 

rest and our conscience and consciousness comes to remembering that 

we should have humbled ourselves a bit more, relinquishing to 

wiser words of wit such as:

"It is the foolishness of our youth which weighs so heavily 

upon our brow in the wisdom of our old age."