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So many people in their vain attempts at acting like concerned and caring protesters and government watch groups, or merely as a part of their self-glorifying "peace monger" soap box crier status, voice out their opinions on the war in Afghanistan. Yet, in their voiced complaints we can always find a mass misuse of misused and abused facts, overly used and abused fiction and sometimes just shear ignorance. Sometimes its nice just to hear or read some pure unadulterated fact and point-counter-point literature, so read on and as always, its up to you the reader to decide what is what and which is which.

There is plenty of bloodshed recorded in many religions, and that bloodshed was and sometimes still is condoned by its followers as protection for that people as a nation or a "driving out of unbelievers" in the survivalist nature of that "holy nation" in the history of a so-called "holy people". It has been done for eons, whether in the name of false idols and gods in the Roman days, in the name of the ether world gods of the Greeks or in the name of God and Christ in Christianity (the crusades) and there was always religious verse used to promote the violent actions and justify the blood-letting. People are very one-sided and closed minded in their opinions on things, as they too try to justify their ideas and ideals whether based on adulterated fact or even pure fiction, as long as they themselves personally feel justified. I guess that's the whole problem with the whole world, ignorance.

The main point here is, its just to easy to see and understand that the generalized attitude of these "fighters" in Afghanistan stems from a very religiously backed "brainwashing" of their ancient beliefs. Whether part of the Qua-ran was truly written by Mohammed and/or other parts added by "holy men" with their own concepts of what Mohammed would have written and what "God" wanted, it contains excuses for bloodshed. Take special note that the Christian "Holy Bible" is often used in the same way, not one word being written by its Lord Jesus, son of God, but compiled with versions of words of their prophets, holy men, leaders and then the apostles, all used in conjunction and quoted to either lead people on a righteous path, or condemn/justify anti-religious action thus called "sin". Take special note now, that "Moses" of both the Christian AND Islamic faiths, the holy fore-father of the holy people of the holy land, was one blood thirsty son of a gun, and slaughtered his enemies with little remorse under the guise of a holy war and using the holy name (assumed) of his god.

Even our own troops are blessed at times, if they wish it before going into battle, either by priests or in-general multi-denominational ministers to cover all faiths, and we can be guaranteed that those prayers are sometimes committed in word to subdue and destroy the enemy of our "God". Whether that god is one god over all humanity or not, our acts of war are unfortunately often a necessity and will always be a pitiful example of our humanity's failure to operate harmoniously. Let's not forget that although the U.S. condoned and pushed for this action in Afghanistan, it’s still a United Nations' action to obtain eventual peace for that region, to allow the people to set up a government that can attain and control with peace. We already know that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda’d factions are no more interested in ruling in peace than they are in forming a treaty or truce as recently made evident, and thus not even interested in letting the people set up their own government elected by choice.

Yet these "militants", "freedom fighters", "terrorists" or whatever they are called by those condemning or justifying, are simply and largely derived and gathered from a  very poor people, with no other education in a larger part than a deeply rooted base of religiously battered "propaganda". All to many of us have seen their local schooling overseas on TV as from childhood on, they sit upon the ground and rock back forth, driving their repetitious scripture into their brains until they can quote verse and saying like a reel-to-reel recorder, thus the brainwashing starts as those scriptures can then be used to justify past and future actions of war and bloodshed, or simply mislead the followers into clerically sanctioned control. These poor people, raised in a land in conditions most of these bellyachers here would bellyache about, grow up from early childhood with this biblical book implanted, ground and driven into their minds. Their family lives, their ideals, their daily thoughts sprout these words of the prophets and thus are easily manipulated by fundamentalist false clerics and religious leaders. 

Now there are those out here who can come up with the many faults and sins of our own Nation during these acts of war, but mind you just like a politician, they will quote a few facts in their lame brained version of the “truth” and then start throwing in the all too expected garbled jumbled up mess of "their" altered-facts and opinions in there to justify their stand and position, making you feel that since they told you "some" truths, it must "all" be true and thus feel they have lead the masses onto a path of political truth finding enlightenment and self-glory. Yet, we'll find that if we refuse to be as lazy-brained as much as we as Americans have become nowadays even with the ease that information can be had rather than merely handed to us, we can find more resources out there to obtain the "truth" from, and far readily available if we merely take the energy to find it and compare the points.

It all stands to reason that we will always have acts of war to force peace, for although it’s a beauteous thing when diplomacy and tact can be waged to obtain and infuse peace into the lives of people in our world, peace is seldom obtained without war in such likened scenarios as Afghanistan and Iraq. Its a wise man that stays prepared for war in the event peace is not obtainable, and a fool from the womb that thinks peace is some form of "right" that is easily obtainable and free. It is the way the world is as long as there are forces in humanity that wage war to obtain their evil goals, and although the US has been in several wars in its mere 200+ years, their goal although not as righteous as they propagandized it at times, has never been one of all evil. Now take tally and add the wars up and count the lives of the butchered innocents for these people and their nations which were ruled by leaders devoted to their one true god, and see where peace leads you with these type of rulers.

These forces overseas that wish to use violence against their own people to empower their beliefs and rule, are willing to fight to the death, claiming martyrdom for themselves and the innocent lives lost. Yet, I doubt seriously if you could ask any soul or spirit of the fellow members of Mohammad that lost their lives in bombings or being used as human shields or died as civilians during combat, if they were willing "Martyrs of the faith", as a martyr in any term or definition of the word, knowingly, willingly and voluntarily gives their life for the purpose and the cause. True, the U.S. and other nations including Pakistan and Afghanistan have killed civilians in their acts of war, but not with the intent these rebels purport.

Recently, the American Presbyterian faith took its stand with 2 million members against Israel’s actions overseas, leading their membership in a mix between church and politics, justifying it in the name of God and Christianity. A member of their church would be hard pressed to voice out complaints against the church with 2,000,000 members strong forced to accept the church’s stance on the matter, and risk being an outcast. In like fashion, these people in Afghanistan are more or less forced to accept the common viewpoint based in religion, and are brainwashed to direct their actions in a Holy war. Take into account that many of our soldiers go into the military just for the employment and benefits and you will also see how in such a financially depraved country as this, these young men  and followers gladly accept the money to commit their acts of Holy retribution against the US. To them there is no other option and misguided by the adulterated and misused words of the Qur’an, run headlong into the opportunity to free their people, their country and their souls. 

Peace-mongers will always do their dance, and shout from the highest soap-box they can find in self-glorifying attempts to protest war, but ignorantly refuse to answer questions with the truthfulness they imply to practice, when queried about areas such as “What would have happened during WW2 if the US hadn’t joined the Allied Troops to stop Hitler and Japan?”. In like fashion, which one of these misguided morons will willingly stand up years from now and take blame where it is due, in the power of the voices of the American people, when we find out the importance of the position and power of the Afghan nation, taking into account that even though a third world poor country it will one day be one of the richest countries due to recently found deposits of mineral wealth (China has already purchased options to mine) and even now as it stands, its importance strategically against nations in the area which are openly and unquestionably in defiance of the UN AND THE US, and have been proven to already harbor the proven enemy of many nations, the  Taliban and Al-Qaeda .

Would it be that we had ignored their plight being subjected to a likely rule such as Iraq was with Hussein, or now as the threat stands being ruled by the Taliban or Al-Qaeda or in the very way that Iran has forever been a threat to the world and the US, what would be the eventual product once the nation returned to wealth and power under evil leaders? In similar fashion, with the way the present threat is imminent in North Korea as it has always decided to use and abuse its military power towards their neighboring nation and the US, what are we to do if they take a nuclear stand against the odds, just cry for peace and pay heed to foolish anti-war protesters as millions of people's lives and land and liberty are laid to waste? 

I did not condone the way that President Bush’s usage of a proposed and most likely mislead deceit to get us into war against Iraq the second time, and personally feel we should have traipsed right on across Kuwait when we did the first time and had the chance, and continue right on into Iraq then and there, saving the 200,000+ lives of the Kurdish rebels, families of women and children lost later, and the thousands lost now in American soldier’s lives on the second seemingly failed attempt and venture. Yet, we had to heed the laws and protocols of invading Iraq back then since our condoned effort by the UN was to free Kuwait and only that, and just like the protestors now whine and cry, we would have had just that many more belly aching peace-mongers objecting to an action of invading a foreign land that eventually would have actually saved time, money and lives while General “Swarzenaeger” Swartzcoff was kicking ass in the grand way a professional military commander is “suppose” to lead troops and in the way we, as the grand United States of America, are “suppose” to go into battle with, an actual purpose in mind! 

Yes, admittedly and unfortunately to the truths of the horrors of war, lives will be lost, mass bloodshed will occur, families will morn their dead and hundreds-of-millions if not trillions of dollars will be spent and wasted on the religion of war. Yet not many peace criers are willing to give voice to, while they abusively exercise their right to free speech, the starker realities and truths of what that part of the world would be like if brave men hadn't stepped up to the battle and fought with a vindictiveness in the pursuit against evil and towards peace that brought freedom into being in the first place.