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Two men peered through their prison bars one night

One saw nothing but the muddy yard

The other looked up and smiled at the stars.

Many complain of our corrupt and incompetent government in the US, 

While others realize that our lives are far more involved in corruption than we

Wish to admit for we live in nothing other than a corrupt world.

We can compare our nation with others throughout our world

And find no other we would rather live our lives in,

Yet we can spend most of our lives complaining of the very nation we call home.

When we compare our nation with others, we will find that on a scale, we are far from the most corrupt, and few nations have as much of an over-site protection branded into their government.

Mind you, there wasn’t nor will there ever be a time when “We the People”

Need not keep a discerning eye upon the very government we vote into office

And what they propose to purpose in orchestrating the running of our government,

For mankind is by nature a greedy and lacking people.

Yet many tend to ignorantly think they can section and tear apart those very offices which govern us, as if they have an all discerning wisdom concerning just how we should be lead, and what decisions should be made. We find most people in general would like to think that they can run a governing throne from their computer chairs, yet turn a blind eye at just how lacking they are in running their own lives, dysfunctional family agendas and mismanaging their own personalities to where they lack better character other than in their own mind’s eye. I spit in that eye as they are no more capable or worthy than the very condescending political office holders as they scream in protest of.

We can find support groups for any and all political parties in our nation during campaign and election times, and there is as much corruption there as can be found in the very political parties they support or oppose. People in general will believe what fits best to their agenda, with no truth or betterment for the common good of the people in sight. If their party’s policy serves them “better”, then they will support that party vehemently. Like an unfaithful married spouse adulterating with a sexual accomplice, people will scream for reform and transparency, when they themselves wish their own personal right to privacy to hide their dirty deeds.

We have a political engine that trades deals under the table to meet its own personal agenda, without the common good of all as an actual end result of the people in mind.

We have a nation of people that votes and promotes their own political desires to fit their own personal program and gain.

We have a nation that is designed from the start to profit the powers that be, and not the nation as a whole.

We have people complaining like rabid dogs when a plan for national health care is put upon the table and passed. Canada has had National Health Care for 30 years and it’s a stable, running platform that works for all concerned. Yet like the moronic, retarded minions that we are, we complain and gripe like crying children who had their toys taken away when a president pushes a program for the common good that would help defer the costs of programs to the government deficit like Medicare and Medicaid.

Our life demands of us only what we give it.

We can live it, make of it what we can and hope for contentment,

Or we can gripe and complain and end up spending our lives,

With contemptuous and scornful mentalities as a return, and merely continue to cry about it all

While blaming it on everyone else but ourselves.

In the long run, as history explains itself, we will find that although blame can be found in many officials and offices of government and the military, all-in-all the largest blame can be more accurately cast with an accusing finger in none other than the masses coagulating the healthy growth of our nation, "We the People".