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edited June 2010

With the successful passing of the Health Care Reform Bill this year, we now merely have to wait and see if it survives the hurdles and chokeholds the Republican battles and controversies and  stalling has started all over again. Failing to defeat the bill, the Republican partisan crews unbelievably and with unfounded ego acted as if they had accomplished something in its passing, after stalling the bill in Congress for the better part of  a full  year, all under the “guise” of carving it up to make a better bill out of it. With its success in passing, they then immediately went straight back into the foray and were successful in defeating a good two points in another bill that would have provided a much needed service to allow more prospective students to apply and qualify for Pell grants, a service not only to our upper classifications of the educational system but also to the nation by providing a better working class influx to the job industry with higher learning levels.

President Obama has been painted as a having a Republican body housing a Democratic soul, and whether that statement was intended to be derogative or not as to a question of its origin and purposeful intent, I would personally hope it to be truer than expected or accepted. A blending of the better part of both parties would be something that has been severely needed for fifty years of stifling growth and controversy amidst conflicting Congress, Senate, and House battles that have been fought merely for the sake of being contrary to a cause rather than harmonious to the positive growth of a nation. The President’s action to declare recess reassignments was a key stroke in spanking Congress into action. We have all grown weary of the Republican Party’s stalling and tactics and personally if I were in his office and it were possible, I would fire the whole lot of them and declare their actions treasonous for simply not performing their duties as sworn into office, vowed to serve and oaths taken that are literally broken daily in the form of incompetence, to a tune that is more-or-less similar to  performing as enemies of the state and comparable standards as to the operations (or rather impeding operations) of the Nation. 

Of course that can’t be done in a society claiming democracy, yet some form of reprimand needed to be issued and therefore was, for their self-worshiping antics and actions. Our Nation has fast become adulterous in its failure to assure that those in office have “some’ form of reprimand for wanto, malicious  failure, some form of open retribution for the equally open miscarriage to proliferate those scenarios of legislation that are designed to be for the betterment of our country not waging political wars, which they are so readily willing to infest with ineffectiveness, merely for the sake of resisting the opposing party and supporting partisan structuring.

The Republican Party’s main argument is the escalating cost to tax payers in order to fund the bills and proposals that President Obama seeks to put into action, and that is the main fuel which gains the support of a percentage of the selfish self-centered American people. However, it partial funding through increased taxes is only by necessity and hits mainly those parties who earn more than $200,000 a year, other costs supplemented by cutbacks and restructuring.

 In this I must agree, the nation as a whole has poorly mistaken the definitions of the Constitution’s allowances for freedoms and rights as compared to privileges. The point being, we must recognize the difference between our rights and mere privileges, and not confuse the two. It is a privilege to be born and raised and live in America under the rights and freedoms that the Constitution allows us. If we are fortunate and hardworking enough to be in a higher tax bracket in which we can afford luxuries denied others and beyond the reach of those below us, then we should accept and recognize the need to donate through taxation certain funds to allow the poorer working populace equal opportunity to small freedoms. Such more fortunate citizens have profited and enjoyed in their lifestyles under the freedoms and privileges obtained living under the flag of America and the United States. 

Swedish citizens pay almost 1/3, a full 33% of their gross yearly earning in taxes, yet their child services and welfare benefits, unemployment and educational system and support, along with their healthcare, health care plans and government sponsored services puts America’s system to shame. France in itself ripe with turmoil and problems, still has such a betterment implementation of social services and health care, that America should take a seat out in the hall rather than even be in the classroom of the class of Nation’s that provide services for their citizens that they are suppose too, and are designed and promised to 

As our personal financial strength and portfolios as citizens increase for the better, and our luxuries augment through our success and promotional goals, we should naturally recognize that we are indebted to our society and nation, for the privilege to grasp the opportunities provided by legislative initiatives and structuring, and live a lifestyle such as we can. Paying more in taxes so the nation can finally offer the poor, better health care and freer opportunities to better their lives, is merely one of our obligations while enjoying our blessings of living in better conditions than most countries, while enjoying life in one of the freest nations in the world. 

To expect treatment above and beyond others without remembering we must continue to pay our dues, merely because of our finanical and/or social status without respect for those very same opportunities and freedoms allowed to us by where we live(d) that enable(d) us to build upon our lives, and at the same time not forgetting that we are suppose to be standing up for the rights of others with less opportunities or capitol to be allowed the same...

 is just like the illegal immigrant who sneaks into the country, working the jobs available and bettering themselves and their families' lives, while abusing access and usage of the laws and freedoms allowed to them and enjoying the benefits and rights our country has formed and created, and expecting preferencial treatment under those same rights, without paying their own dues.

As it has been noted so often before, freedom is never really, ever free.

Small businesses are the growth and struggle as the backbone of the American dream so often and should be cared for as we would our youth, for a brighter outlook of our national futures. In retrospect, large business and corporations are fueled by the American people, allowing these companies luxuries provided for with such wealth and power, and should be warily viewed as entities which  can more often than not be found to attack the financial health of the people as a whole if not monitored and not simply as concerned commodity and product providers. Their millions and billions in revenue and windfall profits very habitually can become a leech and parasite to the American dream, and they are seldom under regulation or control to protect our interests as a people and a country.

It has become far too evident and even more so repulsive as we recognize that the Republican Party's goal is not to strive for the betterment of government for the benefit of the American people. Worse and as an added weight to the efforts to keep our system afloat is the selfish self-centered mindedness of the American people as a majority. The Republican Party is more interested in making the current administration seem a failure even if it costs the American people much needed change in our society and government. Their interests are far too often motivated by lobbied corporative powers and in attaining command, rebalancing the Republican control in office. In this way, with President Obama's restructuring decision, he has trimmed the influence of those opponents to the American way of life, who would rather design themselves as adversarial aggressors rather than productive constituents.

The current system of Supreme Court decisions fails miserably and takes far too long, with Supreme Court Justices making anti-American decisions such as they recently have in allowing corporations to bribe and sway government elections through lobbying and campaign donations without limitations until now, when laws such as what are being proposed and passed through th ecurrent administration are coming into play:

"Obama: Reform Will Hold Wall St. Accountable "  

"The toughest financial regulations since the Great Depression are headed for final votes in Congress next week in an election-year salve for public anger over the Wall Street risk-taking that cost millions their jobs, homes and nest eggs".

Yet our country and especially the Obama administration has to still fight against such tatics as these:

"Oil spill firms tapping a well of lobbyists"

and even giving corporations the legal ability to actually possess the right to have a political vote and influence as if they were a living entity, not caring that such corporative powers no more  have the health and welfare of the people of the Nation in mind any more than a parasitical infestation would.

Until our political parties can find it within themselves to provide leadership without strangling conflict, to guide and construct the building of the Nation without political paralysis, design the capability to work with financial and corporative powers free from the undue danger of underhanded politics and power plays, we will have no truer form of socialism than to blindly pretend we live in a democracy, and allow things to go unchanged, exactly what the Republican Party preaches…as if the problems will fix themselves and just go away.