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Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:34 AM CDT

By Coral Atlas

When all you want to do is cut spending on social programs and give the savings to the wealthiest Americans - that is not politics - it is a murderous attack on the most vulnerable members of society that biologically kills human beings.

Already over time billions have died worldwide including millions here in America as a result of decades long pillaging of the worlds natural resources by the capitalists who rule America and the planet. The failed economic theory of supply and demand which dictates the pillaging and destruction of natures resources to maximize profit and the unequal distribution of life's necessities; food and water.

American students are being slowly widgetized by the corpocracy to increase net profits and most workers are now forced labor trapped in a job pipeline that can be easily throttled like a faucet to produce more or less jobs depending on profit objectives and prefabricated supply and demand economics.

Denied the opportunity to educate themselves from birth or distance themselves from generational poverty we have a rapidly growing class of disadvantaged and undereducated Americans who must depend heavily on the social safety net - not by choice but out of habit and necessity.

The middle class is being slowly merged into this underclass as the distance between the haves and have nots is widening.

This growing lower half is where the seeds of hate and crime in America are born as well; in ghettos and housing projects and in poor quality schools.

Disadvantaged humans have been swept under the rug for decades by a social safety net meant to hide the ugly underbelly of America rather than uplift those who suffer from generational poverty and social neglect. By comparison America is far better at allocating economic benefits to citizens of the USA at the expense of other nations - and the result is enormous and unnecessary waste and inequality which contribute to the problems of the planet as a whole. We subsidize dictators overseas but will not invest in our neediest citizens.

Public education and public welfare programs in America should help pave a path to evolve those less fortunate into America's middle class.

Were it not for greed and waste Americans would have been helping the planet and humanity as well instead of struggling to feed our enormous national ego.

Nothing illustrated this better than leader after leader in the GOP refusing to take a definitive stand against the birther movement.

We know who the culprits are - the problems that unequal economic distribution has brought upon all humanity.

This inconvenient truth - that supply and demand economic theory is immoral and inhumane and self-destructive - always evokes an immediate and violent reaction. There is no justification for excessive want and obscene consumption displacing the basic life sustaining needs of humans in America or anywhere on earth.

Waste not want not. America is not broke, just morally bankrupt.

Nature remains the stark reminder that we humans are not in control of our destiny - the alarm clock of nature has been ringing for a while now.

Do you hear it yet?